School Apps

Photo’s, holidays and school trips

School apps are gaining popularity. More and more schools use an app to communicate with parents and students. No wonder, because school apps are the most versatile way of communicating.

With a school app you can notify people of important messages and news with push-messages. In the school app itself you publish news, information and photos. Are you working with private and confidential information? Thanks to the ‘lock block’ and user groups functionalities you can easily include or exclude certain users or groups from parts of the app. This way information concerning a certain grade will only be available to parents and students from this grade.


Hospitality and good food

Bring your restaurant experience to your customers’ phone. Combine all your social media in one place and present your daily specials directly on the screen. Let your guests book their table, simply from their home, office or wherever they are.

Build a restaurant app containing your menu, opening hours and contact details. Let guests book their table without any hassle or have them order food through the app, including several different payment options.

Sports Apps

Football, Cycling, Rugby. Tennis

A sports app can turn any club into a solid team. Whether you’re a chairman, head coach or parent, a sports app can improve anyone’s life!

Notify people of important news with push messages. Publish news per team, show them the game schedule and add pictures. With the ‘lock block’ and different user groups you can make certain information available to parents, leaders and trainers only. 

Health Apps

Communicate and provide the right information

There is no other sector that is so rapidly evolving as the healthcare sector. The need for information and communication is growing so fast that it might be hard to keep up for healthcare professionals. An app can provide the solution. It will help you present all information in an organized way and to communicate directly to the patient’s phone.

Use videos to make medical information accessible for a wider audience and add Frequently Asked Questions to the app. Show all locations of a hospital or healthcare facility and have all contact details easily available for anyone who needs them.

Travel and Tourism Apps

North, East, South, West

Stay ahead of the competition and build your own tourism app, travel app or city app. Mobile apps are the preferred way of communication for travel agencies, especially for big players like Expedia. Use a travel or tourism app to communicate with customers or sell trips directly on your customers’ smartphone.

We are seeing more and more city apps. An app for every city. Show users where can you find the best food, the nicest shops and the hippest bars. Build your own city app now or build an app for your travel agency.

Small Business Apps

Every business should have an app

An app can have everything your business needs.  Let customers know you appreciate them with a customer card or coupons. Reward them with a free coffee, haircut or a discount. Loyal customers can be rewarded with a loyalty card in the app. 

Show your customers who you are and where they can find you

Music apps

Always in the spotlight

As a musician you like to be in the spotlight and with your own app your fans are alway close by. Are you a DJ, singer/songwriter or do you play in a band? Build your own app and give your fans everything they want.

Your radio show directly on loyal listeners’ phones. Sell your music through iTunes, use Soundcloud or Spotify for your music in your app

Are you going on tour? Show your tour dates on BandsinTown or add your own calendar.

Event apps

For all online and offline events

Are you organising a music festival? A yoga meeting of congress? AppMachine has everything to enable you to inform visitors about everything from speakers to the event agenda.

Have your visitors post reviews or attend workshops. You can even have visitors vote on location using the app.