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Should Your Business Build a Mobile App


A digital revolution is happening.

It started years ago as a slow and steady shift, driven by innovative market leaders, and has rapidly accelerated into a trend celebrated by all.

Leaders all around the world have joined the craze, chasing the competitive advantage promised by technology adoption.

Today, it’s estimated that nearly half of all businesses have a custom mobile app, although not all are used effectively.

Therefore, it can be a tricky decision on whether or not you should spend time and resources on building a mobile app that you might not get back.

How Do You Know if Your Business Needs an App?#

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to find the answer… get in the shoes of your target audience. 

With the app market growing at about 7% year on year, it’s clear that there are successful, money-making apps for businesses out there and demand for such services.

You just need to tap into it.

With more purchases and payments being made through applications than ever before, there could be a whole new layer of potential waiting for you.

Who knows where your business could be in a month’s time if you decide to build an app?

The Questions to Ask Yourself Before Building an App#

All app-building journeys must start with extensive research of your customers, market, and competitors. This is the only way to guarantee you create something of value.

What is Your Mobile App’s Purpose?#

Before you can build a successful mobile app, you need to ask yourself:

  1. Are my customers participating in the worldwide adoption of technology?

  2. Do they have a problem that I can solve?

  3. Is there a demand for my product and service that I’m not already answering?

From there, you’ll be able to plan and execute a strong launch strategy that will ultimately convert interest into downloads. 

What Are My Mobile App’s Goals?#

At the end of the day, customers aren’t interested in a platform that is simply only about shopping

Not unless they are really invested in your brand, or you offer thousands of products (like Amazon). They’d much rather rely on a third-party seller. 

You’ll need to decide then, what your intentions are for your mobile app and decide what extra features or functions you can offer to your potential customers. 

This will increase their likelihood of making that final download.

If you have clear intentions and specific goals, there’s no reason your mobile app for business shouldn’t perform beyond your expectations.

Who Will Be Your Mobile App’s Customers?#

Next, you need to consider who your target customers are now and who they could be. 

For example, there’s no point promoting an app for sewing materials if many of your customers are in the 70-80 age bracket. You’d simply be wasting money.

However, that shouldn’t be the only factor included in your decision. There’s nothing in the rulebook that says you can’t target your app at a different audience entirely.

In this case, you could conduct a focus group with individuals between the ages of 40 and 50 to gauge interest. 

After all, this is still a group that buys sewing materials, even though it might be unfamiliar to you.

The Advantages of Mobile Apps for Business #

An app for business can act as an extension to your existing sales strategy. It doesn’t have to be a replacement.

To make this possible, you’ll need to ensure your branding and messaging remain consistent across each of your online platforms.
This will further your goal to build trust with your audience. 

By tying your app into pre-established platforms like your business website, you can:

  1. Leverage all traffic that you’ve worked so hard to generate.

  2. Give your customers more options for researching your products.

  3. Increase your brand visibility and expand your reach.

Once you’ve started to secure downloads, you’ll be able to improve customer retention and loyalty through additional marketing materials (like emails and push notifications). 

The more ways you have to communicate with and sell to your audience, the better.

Building a Mobile App for Business - FAQs

It’s not an easy decision on whether you need an app for business, but it is an important one. 

If your research shows you that there’s interest in the platform you want to create and you have access to an audience you can market to, then why not take the risk?

It can be cheap and easy to build an app through no-code solutions, like the one on offer from AppMachine.

Perhaps these FAQs can assist you in making your final decision.

What is a business app?
How much does it cost to build an app for my business?
What are the features I should have in a business app?
How should I publish my business app?
Having an app for business is a great idea, as it increases customer loyalty and retention. Build one with AppMachine.

Your Strategy for Building an App

Should you decide to build an app for your business, then, you’ll need a way to do so. 

There are a few routes you can take, including outsourcing its creation, but there’s only one that’s both cost-efficient and timely… 

A no-code solution. 

With AppMachine’s templates, most of the work is already done for you. You’ll be able to put together the platform of your dreams in no time at all while keeping spending to a minimum. 

From there, it’ll be so much easier to make back what you’ve invested, and you can concentrate your efforts on finding and converting leads. 

Should you need additional support at any point, you can reach out to us at Support@appmachine.com to find additional help or bring you in contact with one of our resellers. 

Contact us to find out more about our product, or get started on your app today.

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