Choose your starting point

Want to start with an existing example? We've got you covered!
Simply select one of our pre defined templates below, and change it to your liking. 

Start from scratch

Can't find a template that matches your goal? Start fresh and create your app on a clean canvas.

Start with Google Sheets

Turn a spreadsheet with products, events, music, video's or something else into an amazing app.

Business Event template

Business Event

Got a business event planned that could use an informative app? Use this template to build it in the blink of an eye.

Tourist Information

Every town can use an app that helps inform visitors and residents. Create one for yours easily with this template.

Religious Community

Religion is as much about community as it is about faith. Keep your like-minded close with an app for your community.

Template preview school

School Information

Inform parents at school: Schedule, Vacations, Special Leave forms, emergency push notifications.

Business template preview

Business Information

Products, coupon codes, opening hours and even show videos. You can also create a private portal for your employees.

Event template preview

Dance Event

Are you organizing an event? Show the artists, the schedule and make sure all your fans know where to find the right podium.