Grow your Business with an app

App Building, Get Inspired  Liz Bollema 13 Sep 2021

Do you own a small business; a restaurant, barbershop, bike store or flower shop? Then you can grow your business with an app! It’s affordable, easy and a must have to increase your online presence.... Read more

New Apple Review Guidelines: What it means for you

App Building, App Design, Mobile News  Liz Bollema 7 Sep 2017

Recently Apple published their new App Store Review Guidelines with stricter rules regarding app publication in the App Store. ... Read more

Publishing an app: which account to use?

App Building, Mobile News  Liz Bollema 3 Aug 2017

When you build apps for your customers, it is possible that they don’t yet have their own developer account on the App store. Even though it has been possible to publish those apps on your own account, here are some good reasons not to.... Read more

Small Business Apps Are Hot

App Building, Get Inspired  Liz Bollema 11 Jul 2017

Restaurant, barbershop, bikestore or flowershop, every small business should have an app! It’s affordable, easy and a must have nowadays.... Read more

5 Tools To Promote Your App

App Building, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 5 May 2017

Increase your app downloads with these 5 tools to promote your app.... Read more

More Ways To Monetize Your App

App Building, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 20 Apr 2017

Turn your app into a cash machine. Generate a great monthly income in just a few steps. Use dynamic ads with Logic, attract sponsors and discover more ways to monetize your app.... Read more

New User Groups: Make Your App A Personal Experience

App Building, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 30 Mar 2017

Mobile apps are versatile communication tools with diverse user demands. Those diversified user needs can now be serviced even better with our latest addition: users groups for the lock block.... Read more

Promote Your App With Search Ads

App Building, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 2 Mar 2017

Apple offers a new way to promote your app in the Apple App Store: Search Ads. Create your own advertising campaign and get noticed by the millions.... Read more

Let Your App Stand Out With App Store Optimization

App Building, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 14 Feb 2017

Once your app is ready, you start your quest for users. How do you get as many app users as possible? A good presentation in the app stores is a first step many app builders neglect. Let your app stand out with app store optimization!... Read more

Send Push Messages To Groups You Define

App Building, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 30 Jan 2017

Users regularly ask us to add features and we simply cannot grant every request. But ignoring this one was not an option. You massively stalked us! How a small mistake led to a major enhancement in our push messages service…... Read more

Improved Loyalty Card: Better Insight Into User Data

App Building, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 13 Jan 2017

The improved version of our Loyalty Card block contains a number of new features that give app owners a better insight into user data such as customer transactions.... Read more

Better User Interaction With Improved API Push Messages

App Building, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 14 Nov 2016

Significant increase in app user interaction and a more competent managed communication; these are just two advantages of AppMachine’s improved push message system.... Read more

Make A Business Of Your Blog? You Need An App!

App Building, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 7 Jul 2016

Average bloggers use WordPress, vloggers YouTube. But you’re not the average blogger! Not an ordinary vlogger, no way! You’re about to become a top dog in publishing and broadcasting! This is how an app helps.... Read more

Keep Your App Design Up To Date

App Building, App Design  Jerry Lieveld 5 Jul 2016

Does your app still meet the latest design trends and guidelines? Or do you want to brush up your app like Instagram just did? Above all: it’s crucial to keep your app design up to date. This is why.... Read more

School App: The All In One Solution

App Building, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 2 May 2016

Is your school sending out information through various channels? And is it still hard to reach students, parents and staff with a concise and clear approach? A school app is the all in one solution for modern mobile communication.... Read more

Apps For The Spa And Wellness Industry

App Building, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 15 Feb 2016

Spa and wellness is all about relaxation and enjoyment. So communication with loyal visitors should be the most enjoyable form of keeping in touch: with an app on their smartphone. Works best for clients and offers great sales opportunities for spa owners.... Read more

White Label: Why You Want It Now

App Building  Jerry Lieveld 4 Feb 2016

Let your brand shine even more with AppMachine’s White Label option. This ‘no branding’ means all visible references to AppMachine are removed in your app. All credits go to you!... Read more

Sell More Products With Improved Checkout Block

App Building, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 11 Dec 2015

Selling in-app products becomes more successful as the improved Checkout block lets customers choose how to pay and when to receive their purchase or food order.... Read more

How To Redesign An App

App Building, App Design  Jerry Lieveld 12 Nov 2015

Whether it’s a new corporate style, the start of another season or changing trends in app design, there comes a time your app needs a brand new layout. What is the best way to redesign your app? Follow the tips in this article to smoothen your design process.... Read more

Boost Your Business, Become Reseller

App Building, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 3 Nov 2015

With SMB’s turning to mobile en masse, you could be selling lots of apps to clients. Not sure how to get started? AppMachine’s new and improved Reseller Program is here to help.... Read more

The Benefits Of Restaurant Apps

App Building, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 17 Sep 2015

Why does your restaurant need an app? What are the benefits of restaurant apps over responsive websites? They deliver more frequent guests! Discover how apps can increase your restaurant revenue.... Read more

Get Inspired To Use The Pro Version

App Building, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 26 Aug 2015

Come gather around all you ambitious app builders! And discover how to make the most out of AppMachine’s Pro version with these freshly built demo apps.... Read more

New Push Messages: Geo-based and by Category

App Building, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 22 Jun 2015

Improve your app and your interaction with users with two new ways of sending push notifications: 1. geo-based push messages and 2. push messages by category.... Read more

5 Tips To Expand Your Business By Selling Apps

App Building, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 22 Jun 2015

Ask a dozen experts how to expand your business and the most frequently given answer will definitely be: add a new service or product. Sound easy? Well, it is! With AppMachine, you can start your mobile app business today!... Read more

New: Send Push Messages With Your Smartphone

App Building, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 28 Apr 2015

Apps are all about user engagement, and push messages are powerful engagement tools. So we have made sending push messages even easier: deliver messages directly from your app with your own smartphone.... Read more

How To Design Your App

App Building, App Design  Liz Bollema 31 Mar 2015

How to design an app? Not just any app, but an incredibly gorgeous app? With these pro tips for app design you make the most professional, gorgeous and sophisticated app.... Read more

Why It Is Time To Have An App

App Building, Get Inspired, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 5 Mar 2015

There’s a new generation of customers using mobile almost exclusively for contact, search queries and purchases. How do you service these mobile customers? With a mobile friendly website or a mobile app? That should not be the question: you urgently need both.... Read more

Create Event Apps In Just Hours

App Building, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 19 Feb 2015

Why should any event have its own app? Because it is the way visitors want to communicate: they’re expecting all the information on their smartphone, presented in a clear and pleasurable way. AppMachine enables you to create a professional mobile event app in just hours for the price of a name badge.... Read more

7 Reasons Why Apple Could Reject Your App

App Building  Jerry Lieveld 5 Feb 2015

Before you start building apps, you should be aware of the criteria Apple uses to review your app. Apple only allows high quality apps to its App Store and therefore could easily reject your app if you’re not careful.... Read more

Why AppMachine is the best App Maker Software

App Building, AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 20 Jan 2015

It’s always nice when somebody else recommends you. So we’re quite happy with the 2015 App Maker Software review. AppMachine is one of the ten best app building software platforms, says TopTenReviews.... Read more

The 6 App Design Trends in 2015

App Building, App Design  Jerry Lieveld 8 Jan 2015

Building apps in 2015? Check these 6 latest app design trends and make sure your app design fully stands out in this fresh new year.... Read more

The Benefits Of Subscription Based App Software

App Building, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 23 Dec 2014

If you’re going to develop a mobile app, you basically have two choices: have your app developed by an agency for a one time fee,  or use subscription based software to build your app. AppMachine offers an online app CMS with monthly and yearly subscriptions. What are the benefits of such an app subscription?... Read more

Get Your Share Of The Holiday Season Sales

App Building, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 1 Dec 2014

Whether it’s clothes, jewelry, toys or electronics you’re selling, you better sell them via the smartphones of your customers. According to several surveys* this year’s holiday shopping season will see a rise in mobile sales with many consumers already using their mobile exclusively for their purchase decision.... Read more

Welcome More Guests With A Restaurant App

App Building, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 25 Nov 2014

From browsing online menus to booking a reservation, mobile has become a crucial part of the restaurant business. So why is the mobile consumer still ignored by most restaurants?... Read more

Why Mobile Is Taking Over The Business

App Building, Get Inspired, Mobile News  Liz Bollema 14 Oct 2014

Mobile search, mobile purchase, mobile payment, mobile booking, mobile dating. You name it and it turns mobile. Don’t miss out on the biggest tech revolution since the start of internet and mobilize your business now.... Read more

Dj Dash Berlin Uses App To Stay In Touch With Fans

App Building, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 22 Sep 2014

Being one of the world’s most popular EDM dj’s, Dash Berlin’s tour schedule is fully packed with gigs from China to Cancun and from Singapore to Sydney. For his fans, the official Dash Berlin app is the way to stay in touch with their favorite dj.... Read more

How Do I Make An App Using AppMachine?

App Building, AppMachine News  Liz Bollema 14 Sep 2014

Make your own app with AppMachine, the online software that enables anyone to build mobile apps for iPhone and Android. How do you start building apps? This article describes the basic principles of building apps with AppMachine.... Read more