App Building

The Three Levels In App Building

App Building, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 26 Jun 2014

The demand of app developers is growing and prices of apps are falling, so the best time to start your apps business is now. But where to start? What to charge your clients? Let the three levels in app building be your guide.... Read more

Simple but Unique: App as Part of Company Strategy

App Building, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 23 Jun 2014

If you used to be a printing house, you still love paper. But just a book? That won’t do the job these days, according to Van Eck & Oosterink. So the communication agency published an interactive book with QR Codes and a mobile app: ‘Simple but Unique’... Read more

How To Make Money With My App

App Building, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 27 May 2014

Would you like to make money with your app? Raise your ROI? Generate an extra source of income? There are four ways to do so.... Read more

Selling Apps? What Happens When You Switch To The Reseller Program?

App Building, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 24 Apr 2014

If you are selling apps to clients, you might consider switching to the Reseller Program. This will give you numerous benefits, dedicated support, the use of white label app tools and several upselling chances. This article describes how the Reseller Program works.... Read more

“A Reference For Clients And A Marketing Tool For Me”

App Building, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 2 Apr 2014

“A reference for clients, a marketing tool for me and a great way of advertising.” Media coaching expert Edo van Santen is clear about the benefits of having his own app. “I’m a pitching and presentation coach and I always work with clients who are about to speak in public. They all want to take a last look at my tips and tricks shortly before

How Does It Work To Update Your App?

App Building  Jerry Lieveld 25 Mar 2014

Once your app is available in the stores, it’s time to keep it up to date. Updates are the way to do so. Sometimes it’s your choice to update, sometimes you need to update because of third party changes. How does it work to update your AppMachine app?... Read more

Publishing apps is now even easier

App Building  Jerry Lieveld 28 Jan 2014

Publishing your app is now even easier with our new Publish dashboard. Your app will be ready for the app stores in just a few steps.... Read more

TNW Conference: From web to app

App Building, AppMachine News  Fleur 11 Dec 2013

Patrick de Laive is an internet entrepreneur who is shaping the future through various innovative start-ups. He is a cofounder of the leading technology blog The Next Web as well as the driving force behind the TNW conferences in Europe, the United States and South America. Every TNW conference has its own app, developed using … AppMachine.... Read more

Powerful Marketing With Push Messages

App Building, Get Inspired, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 29 Nov 2013

AppMachine lets you personalize your app with push messages. Users of your app will directly see your messages on their screen. This makes push messages a powerful instrument in your marketing mix, allowing you to inform loyal customers about promotions, special offers or breaking news.... Read more

Affordable Apps Finally Accessible To SMEs

App Building, AppMachine News, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 21 Nov 2013

Only a few small and medium-sized enterprises are currently using apps. This is a shame seeing as apps can provide the SME sector clear added value. And since recently, apps are no longer financially out of reach for SMEs. Any company can now afford its own app.... Read more

5 tips for publishing your app

App Building  Jerry Lieveld 8 Nov 2013

You have completed your app. It contains all the information it needs and the design is finished. Now it’s time to publish your app in the Apple App Store and Google Play. You can use the Publish screen in AppMachine for this. Our wizard will smoothly guide you through the publication process. This article explains the the 5 tips for publishing your

Six reasons why you need an app right now

App Building, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 25 Sep 2013

AppMachine allows anyone to build their own apps, from small and medium-sized companies to advertising agencies and from restaurants to sports associations. So why would you want an app when you already have a brochure and a website? We explain below why it is really convenient to have your own app.... Read more

What Does An App Cost?

App Building  Jerry Lieveld 9 Jul 2013

What does an app cost? Until recently, creating an app would set you back at least five thousand euros ($6,500). Before the introduction of AppMachine, app building was a costly and tailor-made process. Now anyone can build apps with our software, and prices have dropped spectacularly. AppMachine lets you build a native app for as little as per

Developer apps: use data any way you want

App Building, New Features, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 8 Jul 2013

Would you like to build a native app that can do anything with data? One with more features and more development options? Then we have good news for you: we are working hard on the Developer version of AppMachine. This version of our app builder will offer a host of additional features, particularly for data linking. It also lets you create your own

AppMachine is now officially live

App Building, AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 12 Jun 2013

AppMachine is now officially live! After a three-month beta phase among 24,000 testers, anyone can now build their own mobile web apps and publish them in the app stores.

Let a pro design your app

App Building, App Design  Jerry Lieveld 30 May 2013

AppMachine allows you to build your own app, but creating a design … there are so many possibilities. Are you unable to figure things out by yourself? Or would you like your app to have a magical appearance, but you don’t have the time? Well then, why not let a pro design your app? AppMachine can recommend one of our experienced resellers to design

7 Tips to promote your app

App Building, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 16 May 2013

You’ve built an app and published it to the stores. Now you have to let the world know that your useful app is available. You want all your customers, colleagues, fans, or members to know that you have an app and that it can be easily installed on your iOS and Android phones. Here are seven tips to promote your app.... Read more

The making of an app – the King’s app

App Building  Liz Bollema 19 Apr 2013

Important events tend to create a need for information. It’s not everyday that you have the opportunity to experience a succession to the throne. So here it is; the Koningsapp (King’s app). Everything you wanted to know about the upcoming abdication and succession happening April 30th, 2013 as well as more information about the royal family

3 steps to design your app with AppMachine

App Building, App Design  Liz Bollema 15 Apr 2013

How can you make your app look gorgeous? Use all the tools AppMachine gives you to to design your app. Select a skin which gives your app an overall look and feel that you like. The skin also sets the navigation style. Secondly, select colors based on your company website to make it recognizable for your users. Customize your home menu with your own

Design your app with AppMachine

App Building, App Design  Fleur 12 Apr 2013

You start with an app. The scan of your website has been completed and your new app now contains a few building blocks. Time to start designing your app! You may be wondering, “Where do I start?” So how is it that you change the design of your app?... Read more

Making Your Own App with AppMachine

App Building, AppMachine News  Liz Bollema 16 Mar 2013

Susan owns a little wine shop just off the main shopping street. She really wants to make her own app, and she doesn’t want to spend a ton of money on it. It will help her to keep her regular customers informed about upcoming wine tastings which she holds from time to time, usually on Wednesday evenings. She also wants to let them know about any special

Making Your Own Apps Is More Fun Than Ever

App Building  Fleur 4 Mar 2013

The launch of AppMachine has put the mobile world upside down. AppMachine is worldwide the first platform which allows user to make professional native apps for Android and iOS. This article was published during the launch of AppMachine at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2013. It describes the enthusiasm en amazement of our first users.... Read more

How do you choose a navigation style for your app?

App Building, App Design  Liz Bollema 1 Mar 2013

Building your app means making choices. What content do you use? What will the app look like? One of the most important choices is that of the main menu, your app’s navigation. Which navigation do you choose, and when?... Read more

Building apps without prototyping

App Building  Fleur 26 Feb 2013

Is there a difference between developing an app and building a website? A difference? That’s putting it mildly. Building an app using AppMachine means a small revolution in the designer world. Creating an outline, wireframing, obtaining approval and embarking on the coding process, all these are now things of the past. Thanks to the smart technology,

Building your own app – should you choose a Plus or Pro app?

App Building, New Features  Liz Bollema 16 Feb 2013

You are about to create an app using AppMachine. But two different types of app are available – so how do you decide which it’s to be? A Plus or a Pro app? It all depends on your wishes. In this post we’ll tell you about the differences between the various kinds of apps.... Read more

True multi-platform apps: for iOS and Android

App Building, Mobile News  Liz Bollema 5 Feb 2013

With AppMachine you only have to create an app once; it will then be immediately suitable for both iOS (iPhone) and Android. Needless to say this requires some prior programming efforts at AppMachine. This time we’ll take a behind-the-scenes look at multi-platform apps.... Read more