General Data Protection Regulation

AppMachine News by Liz Bollema on 17 May 2018

What is the GDPR? Read more

AppMachine goes iOS 11

onbekende post by Liz Bollema on 26 Apr 2018

We have released our new iOS 11 build. Apps made with AppMachine will now be fully compatible with the newest iOS version.... Read more

We are back! AppMachine resumes iOS publication

onbekende post by Liz Bollema on 9 Jan 2018

Last month Apple announced they had revised their Terms & Conditions regarding accepting templated apps and apps built with generation services in the App Store. We are happy that it is once again possible for everyone to build and publish iOS apps created with AppMachine.... Read more

New Apple Review Guidelines: What it means for you

App Building, App Design, Mobile News by Liz Bollema on 7 Sep 2017

Recently Apple published their new App Store Review Guidelines with stricter rules regarding app publication in the App Store. ... Read more

Publishing an app: which account to use?

App Building, Mobile News by Liz Bollema on 3 Aug 2017

When you build apps for your customers, it is possible that they don’t yet have their own developer account on the App store. Even though it has been possible to publish those apps on your own account, here are some good reasons not to.... Read more

The best tip for the summer? Make travel apps!

Get Inspired by John on 26 Jul 2017

The best tips for this summer? Make travel & tourism apps for the smartphone. Travelers use apps to explore their destination, get discounts, book a hotel and make restaurant reservations. Get inspired and discover our best travel apps.... Read more

Small Business Apps Are Hot

App Building, Get Inspired by Liz Bollema on 11 Jul 2017

Restaurant, barbershop, bikestore or flowershop, every small business should have an app! It’s affordable, easy and a must have nowadays.... Read more

SUMMER SALE! Get 50% off this week

AppMachine News by Liz Bollema on 6 Jul 2017

The weather is getting better. The sun is shining. It’s the 4th of July… Read more

Beer in a Box: The App Where Beer and Data Come Together

Get Inspired by John on 1 Jun 2017

Beer is all about water, barley and hops, right? Nope. It’s data that’s crucial. Even for beer. Discover how an app brings beer and data together and why the the Beer in a Box app is an exclusive gift for clients.... Read more

From Door-to-Door Cold Selling to 200+ Clients and a Dream Car

Reseller by John on 11 May 2017

From going door-to-door cold selling apps to a successful business with 200+ clients. It’s a career that could be yours, says reseller Richard Lloyd-Roberts from Brandgarden.... Read more

5 Tools To Promote Your App

App Building, Get Inspired by John on 5 May 2017

Increase your app downloads with these 5 tools to promote your app.... Read more

Stade City App: Best Practices For A City App

Get Inspired by John on 2 May 2017

If you’ve always wondered what a city app should look like well then, look not further! The Stade City App is your answer. And what a city app it is!... Read more

More Ways To Monetize Your App

App Building, Get Inspired by John on 20 Apr 2017

Turn your app into a cash machine. Generate a great monthly income in just a few steps. Use AdMob, dynamic ads with Logic, attract sponsors and discover more ways to monetize your app.... Read more

New new new! Time to monetize and add User Groups

AppMachine News by John on 30 Mar 2017

New, new, new and wow! Do we sound excited? We do with good reasons cause there are lots of new features for your apps.... Read more

New User Groups: Make Your App A Personal Experience

App Building, New Features by John on 30 Mar 2017

Mobile apps are versatile communication tools with diverse user demands. Those diversified user needs can now be serviced even better with our latest addition: users groups for the lock block.... Read more

Bring In Those Advertising Bucks With The New AdMob Integration

App Building, New Features by John on 30 Mar 2017

Google’s AdMob in-app advertising program for iOS and Android apps is now available for all AppMachine apps. Let’s bring in those advertising bucks!... Read more

Essential Business Tools To Start Your Business

Get Inspired by John on 28 Mar 2017

Starting your own business can be overwhelmingly busy. Write a business plan, approach potential clients, make a website or app, arrange and track social media… and in the end there’s hardly time for your service or product to sell. Use these time-saving business tools to give your company a head start.... Read more

School apps prove to outclass every other communication channel

Get Inspired by John on 13 Mar 2017

School apps are on the up as more and more schools are developing mobile apps to communicate with parents and students. How do school apps function in everyday life? And do apps really prove their worth?... Read more

Promote Your App With Search Ads

App Building, Reseller by John on 2 Mar 2017

Apple offers a new way to promote your app in the Apple App Store: Search Ads. Create your own advertising campaign and get noticed by the millions.... Read more

Google Privacy Policy

Mobile News by Liz Bollema on 20 Feb 2017

Recently, Google started communicating with app owners that they need to include a link to a valid privacy policy on the app’s Store Listing page and within the app. The privacy policy needs to be added and the app updated before March 15th, 2017.... Read more

Get 60% off all new apps until the 23rd of February

AppMachine News by Liz Bollema on 16 Feb 2017

Six years already… time flies when you’re having fun. Cheesy but true!... Read more

Fabulous Redesign Markus Schulz App

App Design, Get Inspired by John on 15 Feb 2017

World class EDM deejay Markus Schulz has renewed his mobile app as Markus is always searching for inspiration and rejuvenating himself, his music and his interaction with fans.... Read more

Let Your App Stand Out With App Store Optimization

App Building, Reseller by John on 14 Feb 2017

Once your app is ready, you start your quest for users. How do you get as many app users as possible? A good presentation in the app stores is a first step many app builders neglect. Let your app stand out with app store optimization!... Read more

We Launched Our Reseller Community Forum

Reseller by Liz Bollema on 9 Feb 2017

A little while ago, we launched our reseller forum: an online meeting place for our Resellers.... Read more

Send Push Messages To Groups You Define

App Building, New Features by John on 30 Jan 2017

Users regularly ask us to add features and we simply cannot grant every request. But ignoring this one was not an option. You massively stalked us! How a small mistake led to a major enhancement in our push messages service…... Read more

New Features, New Functionalities

AppMachine News by Liz Bollema on 23 Jan 2017

We are happy to announce awesome new features, new functionalities and 9 new and stylish icon sets.... Read more

Refresh Your App Design With New Icons And Skins

App Design, Get Inspired by John on 19 Jan 2017

Refresh your app design with the latest addition of our design department: dozens of new icon sets and many new skins, now available for all apps.... Read more

Improved Loyalty Card: Better Insight Into User Data

App Building, New Features by John on 13 Jan 2017

The improved version of our Loyalty Card block contains a number of new features that give app owners a better insight into user data such as customer transactions.... Read more

App Design Trend 2017: Pursuit Of Personality Cries Out For Creativity

App Design, Get Inspired, Mobile News by John on 3 Jan 2017

Freedom, experimental, creativity, break the borders. Be authentic. Wow! With a design trend like that, all odds are on a happy new year for app designers.... Read more

Apple Store Winter Holiday Schedule

AppMachine News, Mobile News by Liz Bollema on 20 Dec 2016

As a reminder: the Apple App Store will not be accepting new apps or app update submissions from December 23 to 27 (Pacific Time).... Read more

Redeemable Tokens are Secret Weapon In Shopkeepers’ Strategy To Regain Clients

Get Inspired by John on 6 Dec 2016

How do independent shopkeepers in the Northeast of the Netherlands retain or even regain local clients lost to online shopping? They create a mobile app that brings the customer back into the store.... Read more

Better User Interaction With Improved API Push Messages

App Building, New Features by John on 14 Nov 2016

Significant increase in app user interaction and a more competent managed communication; these are just two advantages of AppMachine’s improved push message system.... Read more

How Apps Can Help You Go Green

Get Inspired by Liz Bollema on 7 Nov 2016

Sustainability. Whether it’s your belief or a marketing driven maneuver, you cannot run counter to the ethos of your clients. Discover how apps can help you go green.... Read more

Patient Information Made Easy With Sunny & Tim

Get Inspired by John on 5 Oct 2016

Let’s meet Sunny & Tim, two cartoon characters that visualize medical information in nuclear medicine. Although we hope you’ll never need them, they’re a good case of visual patient education with an app.... Read more

AppMachine to discontinue Windows Phone Support

AppMachine News, Mobile News by Hendrik on 15 Sep 2016

In July 2014, AppMachine released Windows Phone 8 support to its users. However, due to recent changes in Microsoft’s policies, AppMachine has decided to discontinue Windows Phone support. ... Read more

Make A Business Of Your Blog? You Need An App!

App Building, Get Inspired by John on 7 Jul 2016

Average bloggers use WordPress, vloggers YouTube. But you’re not the average blogger! Not an ordinary vlogger, no way! You’re about to become a top dog in publishing and broadcasting! This is how an app helps.... Read more

Keep Your App Design Up To Date

App Building, App Design by John on 5 Jul 2016

Does your app still meet the latest design trends and guidelines? Or do you want to brush up your app like Instagram just did? Above all: it’s crucial to keep your app design up to date. This is why.... Read more

Get Your Summer Sale Discount Now

AppMachine News by Liz Bollema on 5 Jul 2016

We’re giving you 50% off a yearly app subscription this week. Read more

How A Sport App Turns Your Squad Into A Team

Get Inspired by John on 13 Jun 2016

A sport app turns every squad into a team. Whether you’re the club’s president, a Pro coach or a soccer mom: here’s what a sport app can do for you.... Read more

New Skins To Spice Up Your App Design

App Design by John on 8 Jun 2016

Now available for all app builders: 8 brand new skins to spice up your app design. All new skins follow  the 2016 trends in app design, from Pantone’s colors of the year to the serene interfaces for maximum usability.... Read more