New Advertising Feature For All Apps

AppMachine News, New Features by Jerry Lieveld on 11 Apr 2016

Of all our latest improvements, the new advertising feature is the one you were waiting for. Monetize your apps with eye-catching adds in the top image. Many app builders have been asking us to provide some sort of in-app advertising possibility.  In fact you were quite pushy so we have put all our efforts in making you happy. This is how it... Read more

New Features And Improvements

AppMachine News, New Features by Jerry Lieveld on 11 Apr 2016

Explore the new features and major enhancements of the AppMachine April update: new advertising possibilities and lots of other stuff that makes your app life a lot smoother. In the App Designer you now see the technical name of a building block on mouse hover. This helps when you link to the block from another block. Most app builders give... Read more

Food trucks: Time To Freshen Up Your Mobile Presence

Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 5 Apr 2016

Food truck owners:  it’s time to freshen up your mobile presence as the season of outdoor food festivals is about to begin. Start now and stay ahead of the competition in a billion-dollar industry. Why does a food truck, or any other mobile food business, needs to be present on the customers smartphone? You just ride to the occasion, unpack your... Read more

40% Easter discount

AppMachine News by Liz Bollema on 24 Mar 2016

This weekend we give a 40% off on all annual app subscriptions… but not just like that. You’ll need to fill in a discount code. How do you get it? Get your smartphone, open the Facebook app and find the Easter Egg. Not a cooked or chocolate easter egg but an “Easter Egg” like described... Read more

Three Steps To Sell Apps To Clients

Get Inspired, Reseller by Jerry Lieveld on 17 Mar 2016

Making apps is easy, but how to sell apps to clients? It’s just that simple. We can’t promise you’ll be the next mobile app millionaire, but a highly profitable apps business is within reach. Selling apps to clients means selling custom made apps to businesses: a spa, a restaurant, an event or even a school. Selling paid apps in the app... Read more

A Big Hooray For 5 Years of AppMachine

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 8 Mar 2016

A big hooray for AppMachine as we celebrate our 5th anniversary! Normally we’re not into self-congratulation, but hey, we have grown from a small start-up in 2011 to one of the world’s leading mobile app platforms in 2016! What happened in those 5 years? What were the highlights since our pleasantly adrenalized CEO Siebrand started the company... Read more

The sights and sounds of South Africa’s North West Province

Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 7 Mar 2016

The Bokone Bophirima Tour app promotes the sights and sounds of South Africa’s North West Province with a clear insight into the province’s broad tourism and leisure options. Developer Kagiso Tshirang set a high level for himself when he started building the app. “I wanted to stimulate and simplify tourism in our province by making all... Read more

AppMachine Software Products

AppMachine News by Liz Bollema on 27 Feb 2016

We started off with AppMachine, which allows everyone to build native apps; nowadays we offer a complete range of DIY software for SMB’s. Our goal is setting a new standard in software! We make great software that allows everyone to build gorgeous apps, craft beautiful websites, or write professional resumes. Our... Read more

Apps For The Spa And Wellness Industry

App Building, Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 15 Feb 2016

Spa and wellness is all about relaxation and enjoyment. So communication with loyal visitors should be the most enjoyable form of keeping in touch: with an app on their smartphone. Works best for clients and offers great sales opportunities for spa owners. Clearly presented information is crucial in the wellness and spa industry. Just think of what... Read more

White Label: Why You Want It Now

App Building by Jerry Lieveld on 4 Feb 2016

Let your brand shine even more with AppMachine’s White Label option. This ‘no branding’ means all visible references to AppMachine are removed in your app. All credits go to you! Normally all published apps show an AppMachine logo and other visible AppMachine references. The White Label option removes all these references to AppMachine. There... Read more

“AppMachine Reseller? Fantastic job and a great monthly income”

Get Inspired, Reseller by Jerry Lieveld on 3 Feb 2016

“A game changer? Much more than that! AppMachine changed my whole life,” says reseller Kezio Bertori. “I’m now living off selling apps completely. It’s a fantastic job and a great monthly income.” Kezio Bertori is the founder and CEO of Brazilian apps business Mobile 3. He... Read more

The 2016 Trends In App Design: Clean, Fast, Usability First

App Design, Get Inspired, Mobile News by Jerry Lieveld on 26 Jan 2016

The 2016 trends for app design put a premium on usability with clean and clear being this years’ buzz words. But we also want our apps to stand out. Are you ready for a challenge in app design? Online patience seems to decline every year, we want it all fast and convenient at our fingertips. Users want to know how to use your app effectively at... Read more

The 2016 Mobile Market Trends

Get Inspired, Mobile News by Jerry Lieveld on 20 Jan 2016

What to expect this year in the mobile market? An accelerated growth of smartphone usage, more m-commerce and the need for a multichannel mobile strategy. Mobile market trends Mobile first? sorry folks, but that was so last year. In 2016 we’re shifting towards a mobile only world. Smartphone penetration is rising to... Read more

INFOGRAPHIC: App Design Trends 2016

App Design, Get Inspired by Liz Bollema on 3 Jan 2016

The 2016 trends for app design put a premium on usability with clean and clear being this years’ buzz words. But we also want our apps to stand out. Are you ready for a challenge in app design?   Read more

We proudly present:

AppMachine News by Liz Bollema on 15 Dec 2015

We’re thrilled to announce that, our brand new html5 builder, has officially launched! Build a website that works across all devices in just two minutes, get a free domain and go mobile first… Start building right away! A web presence for small... Read more

Sell More Products With Improved Checkout Block

App Building, New Features by Jerry Lieveld on 11 Dec 2015

Selling in-app products becomes more successful as the improved Checkout block lets customers choose how to pay and when to receive their purchase or food order. If you are a small shop owner, restaurant or large department store, it pretty easy to sell products with an AppMachine app. Just take a product building block or import your product... Read more

Swedish Appsales Is Showcase Of Successful Apps Business

Get Inspired, Reseller by Jerry Lieveld on 17 Nov 2015

If there’s one showcase of a successful apps business using AppMachine, it’s Appsales. The Swedish company is selling 400 apps a year and is seeking other European resellers to team up with. Appsales mainly delivers AppMachine Pro apps to the public sector and large companies in the retail and telecom business. “More than 50% of Sweden’s... Read more

How To Redesign An App

App Building, App Design by Jerry Lieveld on 12 Nov 2015

Whether it’s a new corporate style, the start of another season or changing trends in app design, there comes a time your app needs a brand new layout. What is the best way to redesign your app? Follow the tips in this article to smoothen your design process. Although it’s easy to change and to update an app, for some it seems to be... Read more

Boost Your Business, Become Reseller

App Building, Reseller by Jerry Lieveld on 3 Nov 2015

With SMB’s turning to mobile en masse, you could be selling lots of apps to clients. Not sure how to get started? AppMachine’s new and improved Reseller Program is here to help. Boost your app business by becoming an AppMachine Reseller. Our Reseller Program will give you numerous benefits. To begin with, you get a better deal for your... Read more

Google Starts Promoting Your App

Mobile News by Jerry Lieveld on 28 Oct 2015

Great news from Google! Users can now directly install your app from Google Search if they search with a mobile device. This means Google could be promoting your app to billions of users. Google has significantly adjusted its app indexing to the advantage of app builders. Our friends in Mountain View implemented app indexing in 2013 but only... Read more

Get Better Deals With The Reseller Bundles

AppMachine News, Reseller by Jerry Lieveld on 15 Oct 2015

AppMachine introduces a new pricing model for resellers: the Reseller Bundles. Resellers now buy a bundle of apps for a fixed price which makes app building and becoming a Reseller even more beneficial. We just love our resellers! They are our most loyal customers and true AppMachine ambassadors. So we decided to cut them a better deal for their... Read more

The Benefits Of Restaurant Apps

App Building, Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 17 Sep 2015

Why does your restaurant need an app? What are the benefits of restaurant apps over responsive websites? They deliver more frequent guests! Discover how apps can increase your restaurant revenue. Even if a restaurant has a responsive website, which is hardly the case for the majority of restaurants, the deployment of a mobile restaurant app will... Read more

What To Expect From iOS 9?

Mobile News by Jerry Lieveld on 9 Sep 2015

According to Apple its new iOS 9 is “full of enhancements you’ll appreciate every day”. What are these enhancements? Does it improve your digital everyday life? And -to answer your most pressing question- will your apps work properly on iOS 9? Although iOS 9 mostly improves iPads and although it won’t change the face of your iPhones... Read more

Get Inspired To Use The Pro Version

App Building, Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 26 Aug 2015

Come gather around all you ambitious app builders! And discover how to make the most out of AppMachine’s Pro version with these freshly built demo apps. Although you could push AppMachine to its limits, you don’t have to be an experienced developer to use our Pro features. In fact, we made it quite easy for you with a couple of new demo... Read more

Travel Apps Are The Way To Customer Retention

Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 13 Aug 2015

Deliver your customers the most interesting last minutes city trips and special discounts, right on their smartphone. Pamper them with a state of the art customer service, specially designed for smartphone usage. For most travel agencies mobile apps are the main road to new sales and better customers retention. Mobile travel apps are becoming the... Read more

The Benefits of Apps for SMBs

Get Inspired, Reseller by Jerry Lieveld on 27 Jul 2015

Why do SMBs need mobile apps? Which benefits does an app bring for small en medium sized businesses? The advantages of apps are versatile, from consumer retention to extra revenue. SMB customers are switching to mobile apps The three most important trends for the future? Mobile, mobile and mobile. People almost exclusively use their... Read more

Smart Interactive: Amazing What You Can Do With AppMachine

Get Inspired, Reseller by Jerry Lieveld on 14 Jul 2015

From music apps and the real estate market in Miami to Panama’s leading national newspapers: Smart Interactive delivers a broad range of apps and is growing steadily in the US and Latin America. And they even found a niche in modern communication. Smart Interactive covers a wide range of digital services in Florida, Los Angeles, Argentina, Panama... Read more

Dutch Queen Máxima Visits AppMachine

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 7 Jul 2015

Her Majesty Queen Máxima of The Netherlands visited AppMachine on July the 7th. It was a fruitful visit since the Queen made an app for the Oranje Fonds, the largest social welfare foundation in the Netherlands. Queen Máxima was welcomed by our CEO Siebrand Dijkstra. Her visit started with a conversation about the history of... Read more

Fancy Food Truck Festivals? This Is The App To Have

Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 29 Jun 2015

Fancy good food at nice locations? Then Reizende Sterren (Dutch for Travelling Stars) is a welcome addition to your smartphone. The wonderfully designed and free app presents a list of food trucks, street food festivals and other mobile kitchens in the Netherlands and just over the borders. The app Reizende Sterren is the dynamic version of the... Read more

New Push Messages: Geo-based and by Category

App Building, New Features by Jerry Lieveld on 22 Jun 2015

Improve your app and your interaction with users with two new ways of sending push notifications: 1. geo-based push messages and 2. push messages by category. 1. Geo-based push messages You can now send a push message to your app users in a specified country, region or place. These geo-based push messages enable you to enhance your... Read more

City Uses App For Royal Sightseeing Tour

App Design, Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 22 Jun 2015

The Royal Family is coming to town so the city wants to shine and show itself in its best light. According to the Dutch town Zwolle a mobile app is a perfect way to sing its praises. The Royal Hiking Trail app takes visitors with video, text and audio for a walk through the historical center with various Royal sightseeing spots. The Kingdom of the... Read more

5 Tips To Expand Your Business By Selling Apps

App Building, Reseller by Jerry Lieveld on 22 Jun 2015

Ask a dozen experts how to expand your business and the most frequently given answer will definitely be: add a new service or product. Sound easy? Well, it is! With AppMachine, you can start your mobile app business today! AppMachine offers basic and advanced version so anyone can build apps. The app CMS is so easy; there is no need for... Read more

App of the month: Palestine On A Plate

Get Inspired, Reseller by Jerry Lieveld on 22 Jun 2015

A Tribute To Food And Family Joudie Kalla is a Palestinian chef that takes olden day cooking to a new and modern dimension. No surprise her recipes are also presented in the most modern way: The Palestine on a Plate app serves over 50 appetizing Palestinian recipes, from Pomegranate Prawns to Pumpkin Mutabbal, right on your... Read more

New: Send Push Messages With Your Smartphone

App Building, New Features by Jerry Lieveld on 28 Apr 2015

Apps are all about user engagement, and push messages are powerful engagement tools. So we have made sending push messages even easier: deliver messages directly from your app with your own smartphone. Let’s say you have an event and all attendees should know there is a delay in the program. Don’t start up your laptop or call the Communications... Read more

How Harry met AppMachine And Started Selling Apps

Get Inspired, Reseller by Jerry Lieveld on 14 Apr 2015

When app builder Harry met sassy AppMachine, it was love at first sight. “Wow, is it that easy to build mobile apps for clients”, he thought. “This club is gonna make it, so I’d better join them.” Harry Wildeboer, from The Netherlands, became AppMachine reseller back in 2013 and was one of the first to join AppMachine’s Reseller... Read more

How To Design Your App

App Building, App Design by Johnny on 31 Mar 2015

How to design an app? Not just any app, but an incredibly gorgeous app? With these pro tips for app design you make the most professional, gorgeous and sophisticated app. Building an app with AppMachine is easy, but having to choose out of unlimited design options  can make you feel fuzzy. Don’t worry: here are the best tips for your app design... Read more

Dancefair App: Stunning Design With State Of The Art Tech

Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 16 Mar 2015

A stunning design combined with state of the art technology. The Dancefair App is a best practice event app and fully deserves to be our app of the month. The Dancefair, which took place in February in the Netherlands, is a two day event for everyone that wants to grow as a performing professional in the electronic dance music (EDM) industry. The... Read more

Instant AppMachine: The SMB App You Make In Minutes

AppMachine News, Mobile News by Jerry Lieveld on 13 Mar 2015

SIGN UP FOR THE INSTANT APPMACHINE BETA HERE >> Meet Instant.AppMachine: the new generation of app making software that will bring mobile within reach of the world’s SMBs. AppMachine’s new instant HTML5 apps will shake up the mobile world and will bring mobile presence within reach... Read more

SMBs Get Sneak Peek Of Mobile Future at SXSW

AppMachine News, Mobile News by Jerry Lieveld on 11 Mar 2015

America’s SMBs will get the first sneak peek of their mobile future at SXWS Interactive 2015. AppMachine partner Endurance International Group is the official sponsor and host of Upload/Download Happy Hour of SXWS and will unveil the first signs of Endurance’s exciting new mobile... Read more

Why It Is Time To Have An App

App Building, Get Inspired, Mobile News by Jerry Lieveld on 5 Mar 2015

There’s a new generation of customers using mobile almost exclusively for contact, search queries and purchases. How do you service these mobile customers? With a mobile friendly website or a mobile app? That should not be the question: you urgently need both. Your first step into mobile should be a mobile friendly or even a responsive website... Read more