AppMachine Gets $15.2 Million Investment From Endurance

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 24 Feb 2015

AppMachine has partnered up with Endurance International Group, a leading provider of cloud-based platform solutions. Endurance acquired 40% of AppMachine for $15.2 million USD. “We´re extremely pleased with this partner and the opportunity to distribute our software to a much wider base,” says AppMachine CEO Siebrand... Read more

Create Event Apps In Just Hours

App Building, Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 19 Feb 2015

Why should any event have its own app? Because it is the way visitors want to communicate: they’re expecting all the information on their smartphone, presented in a clear and pleasurable way. AppMachine enables you to create a professional mobile event app in just hours for the price of a name badge. Whether it’s an exhibition, congress or... Read more

7 Reasons Why Apple Could Reject Your App

App Building by Jerry Lieveld on 5 Feb 2015

Before you start building apps, you should be aware of the criteria Apple uses to review your app. Apple only allows high quality apps to its App Store and therefore could easily reject your app if you’re not careful. This article describes the 7 most common reasons for rejection, and what to do when app is denied access to the App... Read more

AppMachine Celebrates: App Prices Go Down

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 2 Feb 2015

AppMachine now supports more than 150,000 app designers worldwide, a milestone that has to be celebrated! We´d like to share our success with our users by announcing a new and lower pricing for 2015. All your apps will become even more attractive. AppMachine has grown with incredible pace since the start of our software platform. In 2011,... Read more

Why AppMachine is the best App Maker Software

App Building, AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 20 Jan 2015

It’s always nice when somebody else recommends you. So we’re quite happy with the 2015 App Maker Software review. AppMachine is one of the ten best app building software platforms, says TopTenReviews. Of course we could not agree more so we proudly present... Read more

The 6 App Design Trends in 2015

App Building, App Design by Jerry Lieveld on 8 Jan 2015

Building apps in 2015? Check these 6 latest app design trends and make sure your app design fully stands out in this fresh new year. 1. Navigation first Designing an app is all about user interface. The navigation of an app is crucially important and should be your first focus. Users are getting used to mobile apps and are demanding a... Read more

The Benefits Of Subscription Based App Software

App Building, Reseller by Jerry Lieveld on 23 Dec 2014

If you’re going to develop a mobile app, you basically have two choices: have your app developed by an agency for a one time fee,  or use subscription based software to build your app. AppMachine offers an online app CMS with monthly and yearly subscriptions. What are the benefits of such an app subscription? Apps starting at a month... Read more

Get Your Share Of The Holiday Season Sales

App Building, Mobile News by Jerry Lieveld on 1 Dec 2014

Whether it’s clothes, jewelry, toys or electronics you’re selling, you better sell them via the smartphones of your customers. According to several surveys* this year’s holiday shopping season will see a rise in mobile sales with many consumers already using their mobile exclusively for their purchase decision. In the first three weeks... Read more

Welcome More Guests With A Restaurant App

App Building, Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 25 Nov 2014

From browsing online menus to booking a reservation, mobile has become a crucial part of the restaurant business. So why is the mobile consumer still ignored by most restaurants? It´s a strange contrast in the restaurant business. While restaurant guests are using mobile almost exclusively to browse the menu, make a reservation,... Read more

College Tour Starring AppMachine CEO Siebrand Dijkstra

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 24 Nov 2014

AppMachine’s CEO Siebrand Dijkstra will be the guest of the Connect IT058 College Tour in Leeuwarden the 10th of december. ConnectIT058 is an event that has to bring the Dutch town Leeuwarden as IT city to the attention of IT talent in the... Read more

Maartens Bird Machine: Classic Literature With Modern Live Streams

Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 21 Nov 2014

The Dutch campaign Nederland Leest (The Netherlands Reads) stimulates the nationwide reading of one single Dutch literary masterpiece in a single month. The campaign supports classic literature with modern tools such as an app with live audio and video streaming. AppMachine offers a unique video opportunity, says app builder Chance Making... Read more

AppMachine CEO Siebrand Dijkstra CEO of the Year

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 6 Nov 2014

AppMachine’s CEO Siebrand Dijkstra has been chosen as CEO of the Year by professional IT magazine Computable. Computable’s jury was impressed by the ease of use and high quality of the AppMachine... Read more

AppMachine At HTML5 Dev Conference

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 20 Oct 2014

AppMachine is present at the HTML5 DevConf, which says to be “the largest gathering of technical software developers, designers and decision makers in the world focused on internet software technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, node.js and other cross platform web, mobile and server technologies.” AppMachine will... Read more

Why Mobile Is Taking Over The Business

App Building, Get Inspired, Mobile News by Liz Bollema on 14 Oct 2014

Mobile search, mobile purchase, mobile payment, mobile booking, mobile dating. You name it and it turns mobile. Don’t miss out on the biggest tech revolution since the start of internet and mobilize your business now. Mobile is not just booming, it’s taking over the business – any business and every business. How do companies communicate with... Read more

How A Meditation App Can Stimulate The Flow In Your Life

Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 6 Oct 2014

Smartphones can be calming and relaxing, and even stimulate the flow in your life. The app Easy Meditation shows that there is a large demand for easy accessible peace and harmony: the app reached the number 11 position in the Dutch iTunes charts. People are so busy with their smartphones, they hardly take the time to relax. It’s a complaint... Read more

Restaurant App Attracts More Guests

Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 2 Oct 2014

Attract new guests and welcome more frequent visitors. That is what Dutch restaurant ‘Het Roekenbosch’ expects from its new restaurant app. Restaurant Het Roekenbosch (Dutch for ‘ The forest of rooks’) is situated next to a holiday park with dozens of chalets. All those visitors are potential restaurant guests. But how do you entice them... Read more

Betsie Larkin: AppMachine Is Awesome!

Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 29 Sep 2014

Vocalist and songwriter Betsie Larkin is one of our favorite artists, for many reasons. One is that she’s a happy AppMachine user. She has just published her own Betsie Larkin app. “A wonderful product. You guys are awesome.” Betsie, a mobile app? What does it add to your communication with fans? “I think most people these... Read more

Dj Dash Berlin Uses App To Stay In Touch With Fans

App Building, Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 22 Sep 2014

Being one of the world’s most popular EDM dj’s, Dash Berlin’s tour schedule is fully packed with gigs from China to Cancun and from Singapore to Sydney. For his fans, the official Dash Berlin app is the way to stay in touch with their favorite dj. Dash Berlin has been present in the DJ Mag top 100 for several years, and is now one of the... Read more

AppMachine on Esri GIS Conference

AppMachine News, Reseller by Jerry Lieveld on 16 Sep 2014

How do you get the most out of data? The Esri GIS Conference shows the latest technology in data analysis. AppMachine joins the conference and introduces a news innovative building block. Esri Netherlands made the app for the GIS Conference with AppMachine. The Esri GIS conference is the largest yearly GIS event in the Netherlands. GIS means... Read more

How Do I Make An App Using AppMachine?

App Building, AppMachine News by Liz Bollema on 14 Sep 2014

  Make your own app with AppMachine, the online software that enables anyone to build mobile apps for iPhone and Android. How do you start building apps? This article describes the basic principles of building apps with AppMachine. For beginners and pro’s AppMachine is software anyone can use. You don’t need programming... Read more

Only The Best Event App Lives Up To Executive Expectations

App Building, Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 9 Sep 2014

If you bring 15 foreign top executives and innovation specialist to Silicon Valley, you have to live up to their expectations. So the Executive Startup Bootcamp delivered a state of the art event app with the latest technology. The Executive Startup Bootcamp is a trade mission for innovation and marketing executives from leading companies in The... Read more

Selling Apps: 10 Steps To Set Up Your Apps Business

Reseller by Jerry Lieveld on 8 Sep 2014

If you are looking to start an apps business, let us help you get moving fast. Making apps is easy and relatively cheap with AppMachine. Now anyone can make professional apps and sell them with a good profit margin. All apps you make with AppMachine work on iPhones and Android smartphones. You can make your app for free and only pay when you... Read more and AppMachine Meetup Renews Future For Web Apps

App Building, AppMachine News, Mobile News by Jerry Lieveld on 19 Aug 2014

AppMachine and JavaScript-based development framework have announced an exciting partnership which enables app builders to build visually stunning mobile web apps without coding. and AppMachine announced their partnership last... Read more

In-App Loyalty Card Keeps Customers Coming

App Building, AppMachine News, Get Inspired, New Features by Jerry Lieveld on 11 Aug 2014

Keep your customers coming by rewarding them for each visit or purchase. The in-app customer loyalty card is now available for our users and is ideal for retailers, shops, clubs, bars or restaurants. The customer loyalty card is a piece of software you can use in any app. Customers will have the card on their smartphone, so they will always carry it with... Read more

5 Tips To Get Started With The Best App Design

App Building, App Design by Jerry Lieveld on 24 Jul 2014

If you’re building an app with AppMachine, you can forget about coding and programming. We’ve already done that job! All you have to do is focus on the app design. But where do you begin? This is where lots of users get frustrated. What if you’re not an experienced designer? What are the do’s and don’ts when designing an app? These five tips... Read more

A User Story Straight From The Heart

Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 15 Jul 2014

User stories are great, aren’t they? All these happy users praising your product and service. Ok, sometimes they’re slightly scripted since they are marketing tools after all, but this story is different. It’s straight from the heart, and that’s why we like it so much. This is the story physician Tripp Bradd wrote himself and emailed... Read more

MobileBeat 2014: All Eyes On AppMachine

AppMachine News, Mobile News by Jerry Lieveld on 8 Jul 2014

AppMachine will be demonstrating it’s remarkable top rated, robust, code-free app building block platform at MobileBeat, VentureBeat’s focus on the future of mobile, this July 8-9 at the Hilton San Francisco. The AppMachine presentation will include how noted DJ Armin van... Read more

The Three Levels In App Building

App Building, Reseller by Jerry Lieveld on 26 Jun 2014

The demand of app developers is growing and prices of apps are falling, so the best time to start your apps business is now. But where to start? What to charge your clients? Let the three levels in app building be your guide. Historically, getting an app for both iOS and Android has been expensive. Even the simplest apps delivered by developers and... Read more

AppMachine Makes a Name at San Francisco Design Week

AppMachine News, Mobile News by Jerry Lieveld on 26 Jun 2014

AppMachine continues to make a name for itself in the US Greater Bay area, California, shows the 9th annual Design Week in San Francisco. “A lot of visitors of the Design Week stopped by our booth and showed their enthusiasm and excitement about AppMachine”, says AppMachine’s Product Evangelist Cameron Nazeri. “A lot of the creatives were... Read more

Simple but Unique: App as Part of Company Strategy

App Building, Reseller by Jerry Lieveld on 23 Jun 2014

If you used to be a printing house, you still love paper. But just a book? That won’t do the job these days, according to Van Eck & Oosterink. So the communication agency published an interactive book with QR Codes and a mobile app: ‘Simple but Unique’ Communication agency Van Eck & Oosterink traditionally was a printing house and... Read more

AppMachine CEO Again Nominated As CEO Of The Year

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 18 Jun 2014

For the second year in a row AppMachine’s founder and CEO Siebrand Dijkstra has been nominated for CEO of the Year by professional IT magazine Computable. The Computable Awards are the most important IT awards in the Netherlands and are intended for companies, projects and persons that, according to... Read more

Amnesty International: “Urgent Action App Can Save Lives”

AppMachine News, Get Inspired, Mobile News by Jerry Lieveld on 17 Jun 2014

A mobile app is an outstanding tool to strengthen user engagement, shows Amnesty International. The Dutch section of Amnesty has recently launched its Urgent Action app with which users can sign petitions and send emails to protest against the abuse of human rights. “Where most charitable organizations just ask for a donation, Amnesty makes sure... Read more

Apps as a Service – Moving Mobile to the Cloud

Mobile News by Jerry Lieveld on 5 Jun 2014

There’s a paradigm shift taking place in the way mobile apps are sold, built and deployed. Apps are moving to the cloud and a new business model for deploying them is emerging that is a much closer match to cloud services than traditional mobile app development and deployment. Apps as a Service have arrived. Apps as a... Read more

How To Make Money With My App

App Building, Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 27 May 2014

Would you like to make money with your app? Raise your ROI? Generate an extra source of income? There are four ways to do so. 1. Sell products in your app Not many app builders are aware of the possibility to sell products in an app. And it is so easy. Especially regular customers will appreciate the superior usability of an app to... Read more

4 Reasons Why Your Clients All Want Apps – Even If They Don’t Know

Reseller by Jerry Lieveld on 1 May 2014

Are you makings apps for clients? Or do you think more of your clients should have mobile apps developed? We’ll give you 4 ways to convince them. 1. They’re Still Early Adopters, But Prices Are Down The use of smartphones is growing rapidly, almost faster than the number of apps. In a couple of years every company will have one or more... Read more

Selling Apps? What Happens When You Switch To The Reseller Program?

App Building, Reseller by Jerry Lieveld on 24 Apr 2014

If you are selling apps to clients, you might consider switching to the Reseller Program. This will give you numerous benefits, dedicated support, the use of white label app tools and several upselling chances. This article describes how the Reseller Program works. The Reseller Program is specially created for marketers, designers, web agencies ... Read more

Pop Music Award Selects Winner With Smartphone App

Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 10 Apr 2014

The Great Award of the Bollenstreek is the pop music award of the Dutch Rine, Dune and Bulb region, located in the west of Holland and well known for its cultivation of flower bulbs. During the Award people in the audience can vote for their favorite band or artist by using a smartphone app with voting functionality. Every year dozens of bands and... Read more

“A Reference For Clients And A Marketing Tool For Me”

App Building, Reseller by Jerry Lieveld on 2 Apr 2014

“A reference for clients, a marketing tool for me and a great way of advertising.” Media coaching expert Edo van Santen is clear about the benefits of having his own app. “I’m a pitching and presentation coach and I always work with clients who are about to speak in public. They all want to take a last look at my tips and tricks shortly before... Read more

How Does It Work To Update Your App?

App Building by Jerry Lieveld on 25 Mar 2014

Once your app is available in the stores, it’s time to keep it up to date. Updates are the way to do so. Sometimes it’s your choice to update, sometimes you need to update because of third party changes. How does it work to update your AppMachine app? Apps being made with AppMachine can have different kinds of updates: an update because you... Read more

Carp Zwolle App Brings Modern Commerce to Carp Fishing

Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 4 Mar 2014

Carp Zwolle is Europe’s largest carp fishing exhibition and this year celebrates its 20th anniversary with a free app for all visitors. The mobile app brings modern smartphone commerce to carp fishing. Being an event app, the Carp Zwolle app obviously contains the usual event features:... Read more