Carp Zwolle App Brings Modern Commerce to Carp Fishing

Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 4 Mar 2014

Carp Zwolle is Europe’s largest carp fishing exhibition and this year celebrates its 20th anniversary with a free app for all visitors. The mobile app brings modern smartphone commerce to carp fishing. Being an event app, the Carp Zwolle app obviously contains the usual event features:... Read more

AppMachine Switches Pricing Model To Subscription Based Purchase

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 22 Feb 2014

AppMachine has changed its pricing model to a subscription model. We also changed our product line to two new types of apps: Plus and Pro. Why AppMachine changed its pricing model Our clients... Read more

Highly Anticipated Pro Version Finally Live

AppMachine News, New Features by Jerry Lieveld on 22 Feb 2014

Hip hip Hooray. The highly anticipated Pro version of our AppMachine platform is finally live! App builders now have a thousand and one possibilities for making top market apps with data linking and adding own features like custom code using JavaScript. The Pro version takes mobile app development to the... Read more

AppMachine at MWC again: from beta to grown up game changer

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 13 Feb 2014

AppMachine will be attending the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona again. Last year we went into bèta at MWC, this year we’ll present the mobile world an improved version of our app developing software. A version that will rock the mobile app development world. ­Several game changing announcements are expected this year at the Mobile... Read more

New CCO to shape AppMachine´s growth ambitions

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 11 Feb 2014

A strong increase in sales and a solid name as the world´s best mobile app platform: That´s what AppMachine´s new Chief Commercial Officer, Eelco-Jan Boonstra aspires to. AppMachine is growing rapidly. Only two years after its launch, the company already has 60,000 users in 140 countries. Good, but not good enough, by far. “We want to become... Read more

Accenture: Corporate World Turns to Simpler Modular Apps

Mobile News by Fleur on 6 Feb 2014

Large corporations are rapidly moving from complex enterprise applications towards more simple and modular mobile apps, says Accenture in its report  “Every Business is a Digital Business, From Digitally Disrupted to Digital Disrupters”. One of the 5 big trends Accenture foresees is the ´trend of applications´. The development of user friendly... Read more

New features by AppMachine in 2014

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 1 Feb 2014

What to expect from AppMachine in 2014? A whole lot, cause we’re working hard to get tons of new features available. We give you  a sneak preview of our most promising new developments. Read more in next week’s sneak preview Part 2. Do you want to read again what we’ve accomplished in 2013? See our Read more

Publishing apps is now even easier

App Building by Jerry Lieveld on 28 Jan 2014

Publishing your app is now even easier with our new Publish dashboard. Your app will be ready for the app stores in just a few steps. To make your app ready to publish, you have to add all the information Google Play and the Apple App Store need... Read more

AppMachine set to enter US Market

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 22 Jan 2014

AppMachine is about to formally enter the US market and is taking the move seriously. An office in San Francisco has been recently opened and mobile app industry pioneer Joe Monastiero has been appointed as Managing Director of AppMachine USA. AppMachine is aiming to change the entire landscape of how mobile apps are developed today. For some it may come... Read more

Use of apps grew by 115% in 2013

Mobile News by Jerry Lieveld on 16 Jan 2014

The use of mobile apps on smartphones and tablets grew 115% in 2013 compared to app use the previous year. The Next Web recently published figures collected by Read more

The Municipality of Leeuwarden app combines crowd control with city marketing for Serious Request

AppMachine News, Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 16 Dec 2013

The Serious Request event by the Dutch radio station 3FM is coming to your town. This means a busy city center, lots of visitors and dozens of concerts and events. The Leeuwarden! app by the municipality of Leeuwarden combines crowd control with city marketing. For the Dutch municipality of Leeuwarden, the arrival of Read more

TNW Conference: From web to app

App Building, AppMachine News by Fleur on 11 Dec 2013

Patrick de Laive is an internet entrepreneur who is shaping the future through various innovative start-ups. He is a cofounder of the leading technology blog The Next Web as well as the driving force behind the TNW conferences in Europe, the United States and South America. Every TNW conference has its own app, developed using …... Read more

The Real Estate Valuator app: 400 building terms in a single app

Get Inspired by Liz Bollema on 3 Dec 2013

Real-estate brokers no longer have to memorize volumes of books, and consumers can save themselves a considerable amount of money — all thanks to the free Real Estate Valuator app. Sander Koëter and his son Christiaan distilled their sizeable real-estate knowledge into a handy app that comprises 400 building terms and explanations of building defects:... Read more

Powerful Marketing With Push Messages

App Building, Get Inspired, New Features by Jerry Lieveld on 29 Nov 2013

AppMachine lets you personalize your app with push messages. Users of your app will directly see your messages on their screen. This makes push messages a powerful instrument in your marketing mix, allowing you to inform loyal customers about promotions, special offers or breaking news. For instance, Clublife magazine sent the users of its app a... Read more

Affordable Apps Finally Accessible To SMEs

App Building, AppMachine News, Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 21 Nov 2013

Only a few small and medium-sized enterprises are currently using apps. This is a shame seeing as apps can provide the SME sector clear added value. And since recently, apps are no longer financially out of reach for SMEs. Any company can now afford its own app. Until recently, apps were virtually inaccessible for small and medium-sized... Read more

A sports app in tip-top shape

Get Inspired by Fleur on 19 Nov 2013

The young badminton star, Kirsten van der Valk, has set a goal for herself to work her way to the cream of the European crop; her dream is to participate in the Olympic Games. Through her own app (built by her father, André), Kirsten keeps the world up-to-date with her successes and experiences on the badminton court. AppMachine asked André... Read more

5 tips for publishing your app

App Building by Jerry Lieveld on 8 Nov 2013

You have completed your app. It contains all the information it needs and the design is finished. Now it’s time to publish your app in the Apple App Store and Google Play. You can use the Publish screen in AppMachine for this. Our wizard will smoothly guide you through the publication process. This article explains the the 5 tips for publishing your... Read more

German app built with AppMachine is No. 1 in iTunes charts – More than 150.000 Downloads in one week

AppMachine News by Liz Bollema on 30 Oct 2013

50,000 .. 100,000 .. 150.000 downloads! In just one week the new German app “Tricks for the iPhone” catapulted to the... Read more

It´s all about apps at Apps World London

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 21 Oct 2013

It’s all about apps on October 22nd en 23rd at Apps World London, the leading global multi-platform event in the app industry. AppMachine is official partner of Apps World and will be attending the event. Apple, McDonald’s, Microsoft, PayPal, BBC: there´s no company that can afford to skip on mobile app developing. That’s why... Read more

Who wants to be our Channel Account Manager?

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 15 Oct 2013

AppMachine is growing at a rapid pace. We have reached over 40.​000 users within our first 4 months and recently have opened offices in Brazil and Germany.​ In order to grow further in a scalable fashion we are looking for a Channel Account Manager who will develop and execute a Channel Strategy.​ Will you help us to grow... Read more

Amsterdam Dance Event App – The 2013 Remix

AppMachine News, Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 10 Oct 2013

The app for the biggest club festival in the world, The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), has once again been made with AppMachine. The app got a thorough 2013 remix: more functionality and a new look. The biggest club festival in the world ADE is the largest international club festival in the world and attracts more than 200,000... Read more

AppMachine at The Next Web USA

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 27 Sep 2013

AppMachine will be present at The Next Web Conference USA. On the 1st and 2nd of October, Midtown Manhattan will be abuzz with exciting startups, news-hungry journalists, and smart investors. Every attendee will be able to connect with others with a unique feature in the event’s app built by AppMachine. “How?” you might... Read more

Six reasons why you need an app right now

App Building, Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 25 Sep 2013

AppMachine allows anyone to build their own apps, from small and medium-sized companies to advertising agencies and from restaurants to sports associations. So why would you want an app when you already have a brochure and a website? We explain below why it is really convenient to have your own app. 1. Don’t miss out on the... Read more

Communication Congress in Berlin with its own app – powered by Helios Media, news aktuell and AppMachine

AppMachine News, Get Inspired by Liz Bollema on 25 Sep 2013

This week is the yearly “reunion” of the German PR industry in Berlin. Press spokespeople, PR experts and media professionals come together each september on the Communication Congress to discuss current trends and issues. For the first... Read more

AppMachine greetings from Brazil!

AppMachine News by Fleur on 16 Sep 2013

A small team of AppMachiners travelled from the Far North to the Sweltering South to help introduce AppMachine to the Brazilian market. With success! After its launch on home soil, AppMachine chose Brazil as the second territory to officially launch their revolutionary platform. Brazil is a tiny bit bigger than The Netherlands (240 times... Read more

AppMachine nominated for the Rising Star Award

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 10 Sep 2013

Although we knew it, it is always nice to receive confirmation from others: AppMachine is now officially a promising company. This is evidenced, in any case, by our nomination for the Rising Star Award 2013, an election of highly promising technology companies that are younger than five years. The Rising Star 2013, the younger brother and part of... Read more

AppMachine’s CEO nominated IT CEO of the Year

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 10 Sep 2013

Professional IT magazine Computable has nominated Siebrand Dijkstra, founder and CEO of AppMachine, CEO of the Year. The IT publication is to present the Computable Awards for the eighth year in a row. The awards are intended for companies, projects and persons that, according to Computable’s readers, have... Read more

Your own app with AppMachine: four examples from Germany and Austria

Get Inspired, Mobile News by Liz Bollema on 5 Sep 2013

After taking the Netherlands by storm since its introduction in June and receiving international acclaim, the Dutch startup now takes on German-speaking territories with an official launch. The following businesses, organizations and individuals already gave AppMachine a spin, resulting in these four apps. Jerome gear for every... Read more

AppMachine launches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

AppMachine News by Liz Bollema on 3 Sep 2013

After the Netherlands and Brazil, AppMachine is now conquering the German-speaking markets. On 5th of September we will be present at the Showstoppers@IFA press event in Berlin. IFA is the world’s biggest trade show for digital... Read more

What’s better? Mobile apps or mobile websites?

Get Inspired, Mobile News by Jerry Lieveld on 29 Aug 2013

What’s best for business and mobile marketing? Mobile websites or mobile apps? The digital marketing company, BarnRaisers, asked 14 marketing experts. Here’s a summary of the results. Read more

AppMachine partner of The Next Web Conference Latin America

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 22 Aug 2013

The Next Web Conference in São Paulo, Latin America’s leading technology event, will be held on the 28th and 29th of August. AppMachine is one of the conference’s proud partners. AppMachine built the app for this exciting event. It features a unique networking feature. Attendees can connect to others in the industry and even chat with those... Read more

5 Business Apps

Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 19 Aug 2013

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.” Nowadays you can easily change ‘advertising’ into ‘app’. Luckily any business can afford and build an app, thanks to AppMachine. These five business apps from very different companies are evidence. De... Read more

Apple App Store shut down for new app uploads

Mobile News by Fleur on 26 Jul 2013

Last week Apple shut down their developer website because an intruder attempted to secure personal information from registered developers. After a week, their site is still closed down. They are currently completely overhauling their development systems, updating their server software and rebuilding their entire database. Because of this, we cannot... Read more

4 Eventful event apps

Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 18 Jul 2013

How big (or modest) your event may be, a dedicated app will help make it a success. These four events turned to AppMachine to promote their activities or help visitors find their way. Read all about these event apps. CE Week Desperately searching for that one particular stand in a crowded exhibition? That’s now a thing of the... Read more

What Does An App Cost?

App Building by Jerry Lieveld on 9 Jul 2013

What does an app cost? Until recently, creating an app would set you back at least five thousand euros ($6,500). Before the introduction of AppMachine, app building was a costly and tailor-made process. Now anyone can build apps with our software, and prices have dropped spectacularly. AppMachine lets you build a native app for as little as per... Read more

Developer apps: use data any way you want

App Building, New Features, Reseller by Jerry Lieveld on 8 Jul 2013

Would you like to build a native app that can do anything with data? One with more features and more development options? Then we have good news for you: we are working hard on the Developer version of AppMachine. This version of our app builder will offer a host of additional features, particularly for data linking. It also lets you create your own... Read more

AppMachine gives master class at Dutch high school

AppMachine News by Jerry Lieveld on 1 Jul 2013

Build your own smartphone app within the space of an hour. An impossible assignment? Not for the students of group 4 of VWO (university preparatory education) at the CSG Jan Arentsz high school in the Dutch city of Alkmaar. During the App Challenge, in the framework of the School Inspiration Day, they were treated to a master class by AppMachine... Read more

Free app design for next 20 apps

App Design by Jerry Lieveld on 25 Jun 2013

Would you like to have your app designed by AppMachine’s professional designers, free of charge? It’s possible. The next 20 apps published this week will be given a spectacular design, absolutely free of charge. But how does this work? And what are the conditions? Our designers are ready and waiting for you. They know all the best design... Read more

Bright Day Event app: a skilful example of great app design

Get Inspired by Jerry Lieveld on 23 Jun 2013

The coolest gadgets and the best design. That is what blog and magazine Bright covers. It is “always on the lookout for the latest and most inspiring examples of intelligent technology and design”. That’s why an unending stream of inspiring innovations was showcased during the Read more