Why coupons will benefit your business

Why coupons will benefit your business

How to make money with apps

Let’s face it: we’re living in the age of online shopping. And while many e-tailers and businesses have tried to adapt to this new reality, most of them still aren’t seeing the sales they’d like. It’s time for businesses to think outside the box—specifically, a box with your business logo on it. Coupons offer a great way to boost sales and increase brand awareness while also giving customers a chance to try something new at no risk or cost.

Coupons can lead to more sales

So how do coupons work? Well, if you’re a retailer and you want to increase sales of your product, offering coupons is one way to do it. Here’s why:

  • Coupons can increase sales by as much as 25%.
  • They create repeat customers, who are more likely to buy your products again in the future.
  • They drive up sales of new products and slow-moving inventory items—and they make your business stand out from competitors’ stores, who might not be offering any promotions at all! Best of all, coupon campaigns are easy for retailers to set up themselves with just a few simple steps…

Coupons can attract new customers

If you have an existing customer base, coupons can be used to attract new customers as well. When you offer a coupon to your current customers, they’re more likely to share it with their friends and family who may not know about your business. This helps you reach new people while also keeping up with the repeat business of your regular consumers.

Not only that, but businesses can use coupons in different ways to target specific groups of consumers or even cross-promote products and services within the same industry. For example, if you own a coffee shop called “Coffee House” where you sell high-end gourmet coffee beans and ground coffee blends directly from your store (instead of through online purchases), you could offer free bags of coffee grounds when customers purchase a pound bag from you at your store location in during September.

You would be able to connect with local residents who enjoy drinking high quality beverages but don’t necessarily want/need them shipped across state lines all year round! Plus this will help you get noticed by those who travel for pleasure or work purposes since most other stores don’t carry anything close enough quality wise due cost factors out here on this side.”

Coupons are shared more than any other promotional content

You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s worth repeating: coupons are shared more than any other promotional content. In fact, they’re shared 16 times more than social media posts and 26 times more than email newsletters.

Now that’s something worth sharing!

Coupons are still popular, even in a digital world

Coupons are still popular, even in a digital world. In fact, coupons are more popular than ever. Why? Because as consumers become more digitally savvy and have access to a wide range of information at their fingertips, they rely on coupons to get the best value for their money. Coupons can be used in many ways to attract new customers and gain repeat business from existing ones:

  • Emailing your customers with weekly offers or free shipping deals will help bring them back again and again.
  • Using social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram allows you to target specific audiences who may be interested in what you’re selling

Businesses should use coupons as a regular part of their marketing strategy.

To be effective, coupons need to be a regular part of your marketing strategy. They should be used in all of your marketing channels, not just social media. Use them in conjunction with other promotions and use them as part of a larger integrated marketing plan that includes email blasts and direct mail campaigns. Using coupons regularly will help you develop relationships with your customers and get them coming back for more!


So, if you’ve been thinking about adding coupons to your marketing strategy, now is the time! The benefits of coupons are numerous and can be used in so many ways. For example, they can help increase sales by giving customers discounts on products they want or need; they can attract new customers by offering them a discount on their first purchase; and they’re shared more than any other promotional content online today because people love getting a good deal. If you run into any obstacles along the way (and we know there will be some!), just remember that it’s always worth taking risks because nothing great ever comes without hard work and perseverance.

Grow your Business with an app

Grow your Business with an app

Do you own a small business; a restaurant, barbershop, bike store or flower shop? Then you can grow your business with an app! It’s affordable, easy and a must have to increase your online presence.

Why do small businesses need mobile apps? Which benefits does an app bring for small and medium-sized businesses? The advantages of apps are versatile, from consumer retention to extra revenue.

Your customers use mobile apps

The most important and consistent trend over the years has been mobile presence. People almost exclusively use their smartphone to purchase, pay, play, work, learn and communicate. Consumers have switched from desktop to mobile and from browsers to apps. So whether you’re a hotel, restaurant or wellness center, your customer prefers mobile.

More potential for customer loyalty

Mobile apps have more potential for small businesses when it comes to marketing and customer loyalty and, therefore, are a good way to increase revenue.


How do apps increase loyalty and revenue?

The company’s logo or app icon is clearly visible on the smartphone screen so you are only one tap away from interaction and user engagement.

SMBs with mobile apps don’t wait for visitors to come to their website; they interact with their users. Does a website see it when an app user is in the neighborhood? Can a website send that user a Geo based push message with a special offer? Apps can. With an app you can send anyone in a specific area a message that you have a special sales afternoon. Or you could offer guests a free coffee if they stop by in your shop. See how to send geo-based push messages.

Apps also have the company’s social media in one place, nicely designed in the corporate style, without the competition of other Facebook posts or tweets. You’ll get maximum attention.

Any company, from hairdresser to wellness spa can have an in-app customer loyalty card with an attractive savings program. There is no need for separate cards or stamps. All app owners can set up their own savings program within minutes. Your app is a great way to get more returning visitors or frequent guests. Or offer discount coupons in your app.

E-commerce becomes M-commerce

Online shopping is done in apps just a much as on desktop, and app usage for shopping is increasing every year. Mobile apps can process transactions completely including several payment methods and the choice between pickup or delivery. So your small business app will be a great all in one tool for promotion, purchase and pay.


Why do people prefer apps?

People prefer apps over responsive websites because apps are easier to open and the mobile user experience is way better. Apps can have several functions and features: call direct, information, news, sales channel, product videos, direct booking forms, communicate with push notifications, lead visitors with sat navigation to a location (shop, restaurant or event). Apps can also use native phone features such as the camera to scan QR codes or upload photo´s.

Apps present specific information for selected audiences

Where a website mostly mentions all, mobile apps can be used to deliver specific information to selected audiences. Apps for schools, colleges or universities can limit their content to student related info such as library opening hours, important announcements or a change in the program. If you have a yoga school, the app can present exercises in a visual attractive way with spoken instructions. You can even unlock certain information in an app for selected users with a authorization level, password, QR code or GPS location.

Competitors will have an app

One of these days, your competitor will have an app. And what will the consumer do? Just check his smartphone and have it all in a glance? Or open a browser, search the url, wait for connection and try to find his way in an overwhelming amount of information on a website?

Apps help SMBs to stay ahead of their competitors. Show the world you are a 2021 business by having an awesome looking app, just a tap away from your (potential) customers. Always be one tap ahead!